Change Deluxe (5 Purses + DVD)


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Change is the perfect solution for your coin effects, torn corner switches, two way outs, and demonstrations of 50/50 psychological influence. Now, let’s see what Change can really do with Change DELUXE! In the deluxe version you have the choice of receiving THREE or FIVE change purses, taking the potential of Change to its limit for larger, more formal presentations. In this package I offer several applications that are cusotmizable, entertaining, and pack small while playing big.

Keep in mind that this is not only extremely easy to use, but it also fits in your pocket! I am sure it will “Change” the way you look at many of your routines. Some of the potential applications include:

Psychological Bank Night

Smash/Stab with Borrowed Props

Control the Prize Won

And this is only the beginning…

Very limited supply.


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