4 of a Coin


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Product Description

“The world’s cleanest four coin production”

Self-contained, ready to perform. Includes deck, 4 special half dollars, printed instructions and instructional VCD.

The magician produces the four aces one-at-a-time showing his hands empty before and after each production. The four aces are pulled back revealing four half dollars. This is the perfect effect to introduce your coins for a chink-a-chink or matrix. No holding out, palming, nor stealing. Everything is self-contained.

Printed instructions teaches how to make the same production of fours half dollars with a mini deck of cards!

Recent Reviews

“The appearance of the coins beneath the cards is flat out the best production of it’s kind. Part of the problem with John Born’s material is that it is SO good that it is difficult to get across in print just how good it truly is. It’s magical.” – Brad Burt (Owner of Brad Burt’s Magic Shop)

“You don’t expect the coin production at all, it literally comes out of nowhere, and it looks really clean.” – Dan Watkins (coinvanish.com product review).






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