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A diabolical tool for the modern magician / mentalist…

Change is one of my all-time favorite tools for creating a hands free magical experience. It is an incredibly subtle, decptive solution I use to clean up common methods in modern prestidigitation. Change can be used to:

  1. Make small objects, such as coins, re-appear in the purse
  2. Switch items, such as coins, torn corners, or billets
  3. Provide a two way out for predictions or demonstrations of influence

I originally created Change for one of my coin pieces. I would introduce the purse, remove four coins (cleanly displaying an otherwise empty purse), close it, and set it on the table. At the end of the routine, I “magically” transformed the coins from one type of coin to another. After a gesture to the coin purse that has been on the table from the beginning, I opened it to reveal that the coins have travelled back to the purse. This was always a shock to magicians and laymen alike.

Soon after its creation, Change took a mind of its own with routines and applications far outside of the coin realm. My purpose in releasing this is to share an incredible tool along with an array of ideas that should inspire play in a lot of different directions. You will soon find that Change is perfect for your coin effects, torn corner switches, two way outs, and demonstrations of 50/50 psychological influence. With any order you also have the option of adding a matching ungaffed purse for $10.

Keep in mind that this is not only extremely easy to use, but it also fits in your pocket! I am sure it will “Change” the way you look at many of your routines.

Very Limited Supply. You can find the promo trailer at

Recent Reviews

“Change is an effective utility prop, well made and easy to use.”

– Magicseen Magazine Review


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    I just my received it and set it up and I have to tell you that it is the best money exchange I ever bought. To be honest after watching the trailer I pretty much knew how to do it but I bought the dvd cause knowing Justin there would be a move or two I don’t know and I was right one of the set ups for the gimmick caught me off guard but all in all I must say that Justin has done it again this is the best method for bill changed and its super easy BUY IT!

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