Cutting Edge Cards and Coins 3DVD Set


DVD 1: Card Magic
DVD 2: Coin Magic
DVD 3: Flourishes,
one on one “Jam Session”

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Product Description

John Born & Jason Dean share the next generation of moves, effects, and flourishes for the close-up enthusiast
You’ll Learn:

Translocation ReBorn Born’s work on John Kennedy’s Translocation
Flying Sandwich The sandwich cards fly through the air, catching their selection
BQM Chink-a-chink for the pool table
1-2-3-4 Backfire An instant backfire for Kennedy’s Translocation
Sanduwitcha A baffling sandwich effect
Muscle Pass Coin Change Take your muscle pass to the next level
Layover Coin Change Toss a half dollar up to the hand. It visually changes
Toss Change Another visual change from one coin into another
I Love You The perfect effect for your sweetheart
Replay An aerial flourish
Fan Flip Freak An aerial flourish ending in a one card revelation
Johnny B’s 6 Way A multiple packet cut
Get A Life Another multiple packet cut ending with the production of 4 aces
Splat In Half One of John’s most popular flourishes
Sandwhich Outdone A killer multiple-phase sandwich effect
Punch Transpo A hole punched in one card is dragged to the signed selection
The One-Handed Card Trick One of Jason’s most commerical creations
Twisting The Illusion A twist on twisting Aces
The Vanishing Lesson A baffling vanish of a selection
The “Wobble” Vanish An old stunt turned into a miracle
Trans-knee-cation Kennedy’s Trnaslocation on the knees!
Palmy Twist Quick flourish
Balance Palm John’s unique coin “palm”
Layover Production An incredible production of a coin from empty hands
Pik-A-Nip ( Deans Trademark ) An ultra-visual signed card to nipple routine
3 Fly Section Ideas on the classic coin plot
True Cut Z – False Shuffle Work on the Shank Shuffle with applied block transfer
Toss Double A unique double lift
Convincing Control Variant A variation of convincing control
The Dean’s Double A double lift in a flourish
Diving Board Double Variant An aerial double lift
& Much Much More!


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