Natural Born Killas


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Born Bending Hummer Borrowed coin that spectator is merely thinking of bends in her hands
Baker Revisited Great “Any Card at Any Number” without memorized deck
The Two Decks A new twist on an old principle
I Love You The perfect effect for your sweetheart
Borrowed Quarter Matrix Chink-a-chink designed for the pool table
One-Handed Triple Change The most visual, innovative one-handed triple change ever created

Moves / Techniques / Flourishes

Balance Palm Progressive coin technique
Layover Beautiful aquipment with many applications
The Pop Turn your hand palm up out of Downs Palm!
Born Display Show both sides of both hands before producing a coin
Gravity Separation Innovative preparation to produce coins one at a time from back thumb palm
Blow Change The hands are shown otherwise completely empty, and then the coin visually changes
Glide Double Deceptive double lift
True Cut Z Work on the Shank Shuffle with applied block transfer
Flip Out Flashy control of a selection
Gag Control Funny revelation of a card


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